Accounting Analytical Tools and Models Accounting Analytical Tools A business owner is trustworthy for improving the financial soundness of the organization. It is very important to organize, control, and monitor all incoming and outgoing finances/funds. There are many things to ship, bills to follow, budgets to approve, and making a quick report to run the […]

Excel financial statements reporting the introduction of smart financial modeling Introduction Financial modeling is about data being fed into a spread sheet like MS Excel and then being analyzed by the various options given within the application. Excel financial statements reporting and the introduction of smart financial modeling for the modern day accountant. DCF (Discounted […]

Startups business challenges and mitigation techniques during Covid-19 pandemic Introduction Covid-19 is especially problematic for new businesses that have yet to establish a track record or credit history. During Covid-19 pandemic the startups business faced challenges and had to come up with mitigation techniques. These companies typically rely on personal relationships with investors to secure […]