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We are Simply consultancy business we are dedicated to ensure information confidentiality is confined in accordance with the privacy declaration. In case the customer is asked to present various information by which clients can be recognized when using this website, then customers can be guaranteed that information will only be applied in harmony to the terms of privacy declaration.

What private comprehensive data is gathered from client via the company’s website, how it is utilized and other people the information is shared with?

What alternatives present to client concerning the use of their information?

The security measures in place to guard the misuse of clients’ data

How client’s can rectify any incorrectness in the data

This procedure vary occassionary, therefore it recommended clients should visit the website frequently for updates. This strategy act as a compulsory conformity when clients choose to make use of company’s site.

For any enquiries or uncertainties concerning the strategy get in touch with us by writing to Edcham limited, 780 – 0900 Kiambu. On the other hand, you can email us at


 Private information gathered from client contains customer’s credentials, email address, IP address, telephone number and data concerning client’s enquiry. The company does not embrace any banking/card data. When client load out company’s website forms, clients can choose to give the company following data: Name and employment title

Contact data together with phone and email address

Name and employment title

Demographic data like postcode, interests and client preference

Additional data related to client’s survey or offers


The company requires this data to recognize client’s needs and present the client with an improved service. Clients are in absolute control of whether they assent to receive such data from the company. Specifically, the company mostly gets in touch with client for the following purpose:

Book keeping and maintenance of accounts

The company may apply the data to advance its services and products

The company occasionally mail promotional emails regarding proposed products, unique offers and data which the company consider that the client find appealing via the email address which client have presented

Occasionally, the company uses customer’s data to locate clients for market research purposes. The company may get in touch with client by email, phone, fax or mail

The company may get in touch with customer with the objective of sharing information on particular promotions, services and changes made on the confidentiality policy

Company might use the data to customize the company’s website in accordance with consumer’s expectation

 Clients for unspecified reasons would  wise not to heed from the company again, please make the company aware and the company will remove the client from company’s catalog.


More comprehensive information about consumer privileges can be accessed in Data Protection legislations.


Customers should be made aware – client’s posses the right to acquire authentication in the event when customer’s private data is being processed by Edcham limited.

Right to entrance – customers enjoy the right to access private information the company hold regarding the client. Customers are able to draft an application for access to information company hold regarding the clients by emailing

Company’s services don’t charge clients. However, the company might charge a ‘understandable fee’  in case the application is obviously unsubstantiated , mostly if the information is recurring and company can  charge a logical amount to conform to application to additional duplicates of the similar data.

Company avails duplicates of the private information it stores regarding clients with no interruption and within a month of notification. The duration for feedback might be extended by an additional 2 months in case the application are complex or several.

Modification of data right – customers protected by the right to their private information from modification if the data is erroneous or incomplete. In case the client thinks their individual information require to be rectified email

Removal from company’s website catalog (also referred as the privilege to be forgotten). Customers can take out their approval and request to erasure or removal of their private information where there is no convincing reason for its continued dispensation. The company has in position processes to frequently evaluate the information it stores and guarantee that the information is removed when it is not of importance to hold it. Therefore, in case the customer desire to make an application for their private information to be deleted, the only thing needed is for customers to mail 

Processing control privilege. Based on definite conditions, like when client dispute correctness of their private information, customer enjoys the right to ‘block’ or restrain dispensation of individual information. In case the client send a request, the company is allowed to pile up client’s private information, but not further course of action on personal data. In the unanticipated occasion that client desire to limit processing they can mail

Portability to information privilege. Clients have the right to information portability permitting them to acquire and reprocess their individual information for their personal objective among diverse services. Permitting customers to move duplicate or individual information effortlessly from one IT environment to another utilizing secure/protected means without obstacle to utilization of information, the company has the ability to present customers with a CSV file. Client should email It is important to note that, this privilege only applies to information subjected to automated dispensation.


Information dispensation based on justifiable concerns and performance of an assignment to general interest of official mandate entailing client profiling where marketing inputs are sent without client’s approval.

The company will not sell, dispense or let out client private data to third party unless company have client’s approval or the company is necessitated by law to do so. The company may use client’s private data to send them promotional data concerning third parties which the company believes client might find it interesting to inform tell the company that they desire providing information third party to happen.

In case the customer feels that data the company is keeping is inaccurate and unfinished, the client should email the company immediately, using the highlighted contacts. The company will urgently correct data established to be inaccurate.


The company takes every preventative measure to guarantee that client’s data is protected. Sensitive data uploaded via company’s site is confined online and offline. The company’s site is encrypted by SSL, which assist data from being intercepted and accessed while conducting data sharing.

Private data can only be accessed by company’s employees who require that data to do their task. Servers and computers are placed at a protected location


The company’s site entails links to different sites of concern. Therefore, immediately the client has applied these links to leave the company’s site, clients should remember that the company has no authority to supervise other website. In addition, the company is not responsible for guarding and confidentiality of clients’ data that they present while accessing those websites, it is important to take note that those sites are not guided by company’s confidentiality declaration. Customer must maintain caution and consider the confidentiality declaration appropriate to the sites of interest.

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